The new BlackBerry Q10 was worth the wait

Blackberry Q10
Blackberry Q10

On Monday June 10 we took possession of the new, BlackBerry Q10 and it was definitely worth the wait.

For starters, it plays streaming video straight out of the box without the trouble of installing additional apps. The display has the modern “tablet” appearance and the keyboard, BlackBerry’s defining feature, is easy to use and seamless.

Set up is simple so beginners and techies alike will find it a breeze to use. Each category of user can discover the complexity of configuration for advanced uses or simplicity of configuration for everyday use to browse the internet, make phone calls, read emails, use the calendar, and even video Skype to friends and family on a 3G network or WiFi, and of course, BBM.

The Q10's rear cover is easily removable to provide quick access to the battery, SIM and a microSD slot (for up to 64 GB). Note the Q10 battery can be replaced unlike many of its competitors.

The Q10’s screen is reliant on swipe gestures - you swipe upwards to unlock, right to access apps (already running apps are displayed as minimized icons and can be closed with a single tap). Swiping down from the top of the screen brings up settings. A particularly nice feature is that when any of these are tapped, they'll restart in the exact place that they were left in when you exited. A swipe to the left reveals the BlackBerry Hub.

The Hub is essentially a unified inbox; a single swipe brings to the forefront email, text and social network accounts. This is a cool concept, well executed.

The Q10 is a giant step forward on the way to reclaiming the BlackBerry customer base; with its out of the box functionality, simplicity and keyboard this is a winner.

Way to go BlackBerry!

NOTE: the Q10 is able to receive streaming content because of the out of the box “Flash” capability. Visit to see and hear for yourself

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