Nortreus Werley - Artist, Christian Author and Drummer from Cap-Haitien, Haiti

Nortreus Werley

Nortreus Werley is an Haitian gospel recording artist, he was born at Cap-Haitien, Haiti, in 1993, he was born into a Christian family because his father Clodius Netilus Nortreus is a (Bishop) Pastor of Free Methodist Church, and his mother Elisena C Nortreus is a Christian, Nortreus Werley has 1 brother and 4 sisters. Nortreus Werley used to participate in Awards with the youth people of Church "Eglise Baptiste Amitiee Chretienne", in Haiti, every year because the Youth President honored the group that won the Award, Nortreus Werley was so exited to be in this group named "Lumiere" because he said that he loves the job that they gave him to do in the Youth Ministry in this Church. His Ministry of Music at "Eglise Baptiste Amitiee Chretienne" church in Port-au-prince, Haiti, between 2003 to 2006, Nortreus Werley uses his voice to sing with Group "Les enfants d'EBAC" at "Eglise Baptiste Amitiee Chretienne" because he was a member of that Gospel music group created by Maestro Zamor, he's also a Musician, but the President of this group is named Nicole, at this time when Nortreus Werley was a singer of "Eglise Baptiste Amitiee Chretienne" the Pastor's name was Jonathan. Nortreus Werley began singing Christian Music as a solo artist, he also served as a drummer of Church "Eglise Baptiste Amitiee Chretienne" in Port-au-prince during a long time, he has also worked with other Church Musicians that he feels that they're really interrested in what they are doing in their Ministry. In 2009, Nortreus Werley also worked with Group Lumiere, he was a member of this Christian group, during 2009, group Lumiere won the Award for services to the Youth Ministry, Nortreus Werley is also the drummer of this group everytime they're gonna sing a song, Group Lumiere also work with Maetro Ismael Alcy because he was the only one that can teach them how to sing and also sing with them, but at this time the President of group Lumiere was Nortreus Werley's big sister named Marceline-Nortreus, she was born at Cap-haitien, Haiti.

Nortreus Werley is a Church Musician, Performer, Worshiper and BeatMaker born into a Christian family, he was born in Haiti in a City named Cap-Haitien in 1993. His family said that at the age of 6 years old when he was a little boy, he went to his father's Church to sing a song that he was not suppose to sing as a Christian but God will understand that was not his fault because he was a little boy, when he was singing at his father's Church at the age of 6 years old, people just took the Microphone in his hand because the song that he was singing was a Haitian Carnival song, but as you can imagine and undertand that God will not punish him because he was only 6 years old. This is to show you that God has a plan for him, his family said to us that he loves Christian music and that's why he loves to go to Church to hear the word of God and to see how the Musicians are playing well. At the age of 8 years old, Nortreus Werley used to play drums with his hands even he doesn't have a real drum, guest what he did at this age, he took two buckets and two Sticks drum after to play, even he don't know how to play drums but he's trying so hard to see if he could made it because he loves drums. One day he prays and he asked God "Please God you know how much i love you, you see how many times i tried to play drum just for you, but i can't, please God give me the chance to play it for you, yes Lord i know you will answer because you are my only hope". After this prayer, Nortreus Werley never give up on playing drums with two buckets and two sticks drum because he know what he's looking for, he used to do the same thing many times. One night he goes to Church at "Baptiste Amitiee-Chretienne" at Delmas, he found the opportunity to get on the drum because the drummer didn't come this day, people was excited to see him playing drum because they never thought he was a drummer because that was the first time he get on the drum to play live to God. Nortreus Werley was so excited because he found the opportunity to play drum live in front of a lot of people, he said he don't play drums to make people happy but he played drums to worship and make Jesus-Christ proud of him as his savior, that was his first experience in playing drum at Churches, as you can see God give him a gift to play for him.

Nortreus Werley always wanted to be a Christian singer because he said that God has made a lot of wonders in his life, his experience with music was started at the age of 10 years old because he used to sing in Choirs and participate in concerts and conferences with other children in Haiti, at the same Church "Baptiste Amitiee-Chretienne" at delmas, they go perform in many places with these people, Nortreus Werley was one of these kids that used to sing. In 2008, Nortreus Werley created a band named TMG that means " True men of God", he was the president of this band, True men of God has 5 members "Jimmy-Julmice, Jean-Lewis, Kenley-Nortreus, Augustin-Olritch, Werley-Nortreus", TMG has been created with the support of Edriss-Neptune, he's a Musician and also a Music producer, he gave TMG the opportunity to sing and also to make their fist song named "Ayiti pap peri". This song was playing in Radio planet Kreyol FM in Siwo Myel presented by Sarah-Felix in 2009. Nortreus Werley aslo said Before they have an opportunity to sing, first of all they used to sing a lot. When they have experiences they just let people know they have something to bring. Nortreus Werley loves to sing Jesus praises, at the begining he find people who hate him but he never let this happen, they pray the Lord and their dreams came true. Nortreus Werley always said that he will never give up on his Ministry because his life has been saved by God in Haiti on January 12, 2010. Everybody know the earthquake kills a lot of people, that was a tragedy. Nortreus Werley keep going and that's why God gave him this opportunity to become the man he is now. His band has been created in 2008, because Edriss-Neptune give them an opportunity to sing at churches and play drums at Churhes. Nortreus-Werley is a band leader of True-men of God from Haiti, True-men of God is a Christian group rap, but Edriss-Neptune came up with the idea. After the earthquake Nortreus Werley moved from Port-au-prince, Haiti, to Miami Fl, because of the earthquake, he aint got no choice, it was the only way to him. Because of this, Nortreus Werley left TMG, he was the President of this band, but because he left, they change idea, they put someone else in this position.

Maxime Sylien is a host radio show in Miami Fl, one day while he goes in a 40 days of thanks giving at the Church of Beree Miami. He meets a young man who has talents, his name is Nortreus Werley, as you know he's a young singer. After Nortreus Werley finished his album (Mwen pap janm bliye) and published September 10, 2011, Werley Nortreus enjoys singing in several churches in Miami and also in other places. After that meeting with Nortreus Werley, Maxime Sylien realize that this young man is a man of God and he is a man who really wants to work for God. So Maxime Sylien said he really wants to encourage him to continue his Ministry, and he also invited Nortreus Werley in his show on Radio WLQY 1320 AM . This is a very good news for the Haitian Culture, Nortreus Werley said he is a blessed man, and he agreed to sing for Jesus-Christ throughout this world that we live, he also said that his mission is to win lost souls to Jesus. In 2011, Nortreus Werley recorded his first album named "Mwen pap janm bliye" because God has made a lot of wonders for him and that's the reason why the title of his first album is "Mwen pap janm bliye", that's means "I will never forget", well you should know that he has experiences with God. In feb 2010, Nortreus Werley and his family moved from Port-au-prince to Miami Fl, they go to Haitian Church, Nortreus Werley used to play drums and sing with the Youth when they had to perform, he loves his Ministry but he said that he don't feel like the same because there's a big differences between the Church he went before when he was in Haiti and the Church he's in now in Miami Fl, he said that he missed "Eglise Baptiste Amitiee Chretienne" a lot. In 2012, Nortreus Werley meets a music producer named Maxime-Sylien, he's also a Music promoter/singer, after Maxime-Sylien meet Nortreus Werley, he said that this man Nortreus Werley is a man that really wants to work for Jesus-Christ in the Christian music industry, he really wants to support him. As Nortreus Werley has his fist album "Mwen pap janm bliye" ready on Cd, he just shares this album to Maxime-Sylien, so he could promote his songs. Their favorite song from the first album of Nortreus Werley is "Di yon mo", this song is based on how the world goes crazy now.

In, 3 July 2012, Werley has finally released his new album called "Li se Bondye", there's 2 songs from this album that people really love #1- Never give up him, #2-Never let me go, it's an creole album, featuring 2 songs in english, a lot of mp3 copies of this album have been sold, during an interview, Nortreus Werley said that he wrote this album called (Li se Bondye) that have 17 tracks, spent 3 weeks to make the instrumentals of those 17 tracks, spent 1 week with a few days in his room alone just to think and write 17 lyrics, spent 2 more weeks in studio for recording his voice, and after all he just decided to released this album and it take 2 weeks to get published to worldwide (Amazon, iTunes, emusic, more), have 2 songs from this albun (Never give up on God, Never let me go) be playing on online radio, he says being an artist is all about giving energy to keep listenners in the way to accept God, he made this album called (Li se Bondye) not for money and fames but to change people lives by sharing the Gospel to them. in 2012, he made a music album called (Li se Bondye) that have 17 tracks and he also have more than 20 instrumentals in his official instrumentals store pages. In 2012, Nortreus Werley also wrote a book called (Invite Jesus into your life), this book is available on or on Kindle, it's a very amazing and powerful book, it will help people know much better about God, and also what they should know to serve Jesus well, this book is Based on Faith, Hope, Love, Serve, Courage, Grace. It shows people how to serve Jesus, this book can help them figure out that they were in the wrong way. In an interview, Nortreus Werley told us why the title is (Invite Jesus into your life), and he replied a resume of the title of his book (Father, please show us who we really are, and what is in our hearts, then help us apply the courage, wisdom, and discipline needed to make necessary changes). In dec 2012, he also came up with a movie idea called (The love of my life), this movie idea is his own original work, he's a good movie writer also, he can think to make movies or cartoons, he accomplished a lot of projects in the music industry, he is a drummer, he plays at Church actually and sing at Church as you know, the biggest thing is he's a beat maker, he makes his own original instrumentals, those genres: Gospel/rnb/pop/trance/classical.

In, 2013, Nortreus Werley joined an haitian band called (5 stars), they only 5 people in this band, their genres are (Christian/Gospel/Rap/Contemporary), he's actually this band member, they be performing in mamy Churches, Nortreus Werley's job is the solo part, he sings the (Chorus/Solo) because he really good at it, the band members are (Dasman, Michael, Woodjery, Lougens, Werley), they are young, they respect people, they love their jobs, they love their Ministries, they believe in what they're doing for the Glory of God.

As you know Nortreus Werley plays drums and sing at Churches with other Musicians in the same community "Churches Ministries", as you can see he's been so famous because he has a lot of fans and he also had so much songs download, people from over the world appreciate his work, he is so gifted. Nortreus Werley always wanted to be a Christian singer because he said that God has made a lot of wonders in his life, his experience with music was started at the age of 10 years old because he used to sing in Choirs and participate in concerts and conferences with other children in Haiti, at the same Church "Baptiste Amitiee-Chretienne" at delmas, they go perform in many places with these people, Nortreus Werley was one these kids that used to sing.

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