Western Spring ?

Location of incidents from the 2011 Tottenham, London riots

Somewhere in one of my blogs I mentioned that the "Arab Spring" could be followed by "Western Spring." Is the Tottenham, UK riots the beginning?

Governments/politicians must stop hoodwinking, scamming and dividing the citizens or I foresee terrible results. An example was the US Congress actions on raising the debt ceiling, vitriolic speeches, reduced benefits for the masses but status quo for Politicians and their cronies.

Politicians and their friends have been over the years living of the backs of the majority of the citizens and "here we are," countries broke, citizens broke, but politicians and their friends are living like "fat cats" with no cuts in pay or benefits. Many enter the political circus as average citizens and after a few years become exceedingly rich.

Apparently the “Banana Republic” syndrome has reached the shores of the Western countries. A handful of politicians receive their bribes during the tenure in office and many receive it after leaving office for private industry, with extraordinary compensation schemes for themselves and their families from companies that they positioned to benefit from their actions while supposedly representing the people.

Another example of the Banana Republic Syndrome is the collusion between the politicians, police and News Corp in the UK, skullduggery at all levels and no one punished.

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