America’s economic recovery during President Obama’s six years and his approval ratings

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I believe that President Obama’s cerebral approach to issues unlike most of the other presidents of the last 60 years whose terms have been punctuated by bravado, has left some yearning for an “awakening”, hence his low approval ratings.

Our society embraces bravado or what might be thought of by some as the spirit of the west. A forceful tone, a sense of invincibility and moral right, along with sabre-rattling has often been the style of past presidents. It’s a tone in keeping with what we think of ourselves. You can see this from the comments in many of the social media outlets; we throw our weight (words) around at home and abroad because we are reassured by the government that we will be defended even if we get ourselves into trouble overseas. We have come to rely on the strength of our military to save us in every situation but very few of the braggarts have any intentions of donning the uniform of the military to defend America.

Our military, and the President know that the results of bravado can yield many victims, whether in the battlefield of death and destruction, or in politics. Victims not only on the frontline who pay with their lives, but also those who become collateral damage through no fault of their own. We have seen that bravado can cause irreparable damage to the families of our fallen service men and women as we jump headfirst into war without first defining victory, and determining the full cost in terms our resources and the lives of our troops. Bravado from President Obama could have cost us our economy, our economic might, followed by our military prowess, a scenario that would have placed all of us and the security of the world in jeopardy.

We must thank our lucky stars and the smart people of these United States of America that we made the right judgment in electing President Barack Obama twice, to bring this nation back from the brink of the world’s greatest depression. He has threaded the minefield of international politics to judiciously engage our military for the best possible outcome without overexposing our service members to unnecessary dangers.

We must remember our military personnel are our sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters; we must do everything in our power to protect them, just like they protect us. Our economy affects us all, and the person at the helm who charts the course of success is doing so for us and therefore we must give credit where it is due, because saving our economy is securing all of us.

Every action may not be perfect but as long as the trajectory is correct and we have the power, the stars and beyond are within our reach.

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