Presidential Pardon for Marcus Garvey

Dear Readers;

I hope this email message finds you well!!!  As Chair for the Caribbean-American Political Action Committee (C-PAC) in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, I am part of a group who is working on a groundswell of petitions to President Obama for a posthumous presidential pardon for Civil Rights icon  Marcus  Garvey (please see

The last focus of our effort is the inclusion of students in this effort through the students4garvey link which will be posted on the justice4garvey website on December 2, 2016. Please see the documents attached to this email message which gives specific  information about the effort.

The launch of this last phase will take place with a public event in DC on Friday, December 2nd. We are inviting ‎students from the Caribbean to join those in the US and around the world to get involved by writing letters asking President Obama to grant this pardon. The letters from the students along with those from other academic institutions worldwide will be combined and delivered to the White House on December 2nd.

I ask for your prompt assistance with this effort by sharing the information with student bodies in your country.  Do feel free also to share this information with the media to help highlight this social justice effort with which your school is involved.

Letters (handwritten and scanned or, typewritten) should be sent via email to by Wednesday, Nov. 30th. I hope this is an activity that you feel will be of importance to our student body and can support it.

Very kind regards

Goulda A. Downer, PhD, FAND, RD, LN, CNS

Principal Investigator/Assistant Professor

AETC Capitol  Region Telehealth Center

Howard University College of Medicine

1840 7th Street  NW

Second Floor

Washington DC 20001

202-865-8146 (tele)

202-667-1382 (fax)

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