The Death of President Fidel Castro of Cuba and the Half Truths and the Fascist Campaign of Lies

President Fidel Castro

In Response to the Avalanche of Half Truths and the Fascist Campaign of Lies Against the Sincere American People and Cuba - By Gabriel Christian

While the world reflects on the passing of Fidel Castro we have been exposed to the non-stop scenes of Miami grave dancers who do not represent the majority of the sincere American people. The Miami Cubans are a tiny minority and the unrelenting media focus on their grave dancing in the aftermath of Fidel Castro's death disguises the whole truth.

The news have given us little or nothing about the outpouring of sincere sympathies over the passing of Fidel around our America's and the globe. Such cruel blindness is a rebuke to a great nation and is of the same flavor of that which blinded the German people in 1933 before World War II.

My stance here is a sober warning to all in reach of my words. Just this week the President elects' supporters shouted Sieg Heil on Pennsylvania Avenue in servile imitation of their spiritual leader Adolph Hitler. Why? This happened right around the corner from the Jewish Holocaust Museum. I could not believe what I saw on that awful video. It is there for all to see. Is this the country of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the valiant Tuskegee Airmen who battled fascist tyranny? Why this in a country which vanquished fascism in World War II?

Now the misguided media fails to represent any balance in their offering of the "news" hence the reason racism still runs rampant 151 years after a Civil War which fought racial supremacy. Reason has fled in many quarters and rampant demagoguery deludes the masses. That is why we experienced the tragic war in Vietnam and followed that up with the misguided war in Iraq. That is what happens when those who should know better fail to speak.

Forgive them for they know not what they say, raised on a steady diet of propaganda. That is why we have Trump avalanche of lies or half truths - and the pot calling the kettle black.

Castro was not a perfect man, but before the Revolution Dominicans would often go to work in Cuban canefields and they would be beaten and denied their wages after the harvest. The opulence and the hotels of the old Cuba were for an elite thoroughly marinated in racial and class prejudice - fact!

When I attended the Goodwill Junior High School there was the "Cuban" family living nearby headed by a Dominican who had suffered such and returned home with nothing. One of the sons was my friend, and his name was Carney. He told me the entire sordid story of that repression in the pre Revolution period. True, Cuba today has not been able to cure 400 years of racial prejudice in 50 years of the Revolution. Look at the US? Have we? Eradicating racial prejudice will take many generations of progressive policies not a simple lifetime.

Cuba faced invasion and blockade and could not, and did not, operate a parliamentary democracy under war conditions with all that is inherent in a civil society at peace - fact!

During the US Civil War President Lincoln suspended habeas corpus at various times and arrested those who worked in favor of the Confederacy then in rebellion - fact!

In wartime Britain elections were cancelled and pro Hitler Britons were locked up - fact!

In World War II born and bred Japanese Americans were rounded up in internment camps and denied their constitutional rights for the duration of the war- fact!

During the McCarthy "Red Scare" American citizens whose views were considered left of center were routinely hounded, jailed, dismissed from jobs, driven from making films in Hollywood, denied their rights to freedom of speech and association - fact!

Let us never forget the destruction of the life of one the greatest Americans who ever lived singer, activist and attorney Paul Roberson. May we in this vile moment, when truth is imprisoned, always remember him and those who suffered like him in what was supposed to be a "democracy".

Regrettably in wartime such is the course.

Billions were spent trying to overthrow the Cuban Revolution. How could the Cuban Revolution run a civil society when the most powerful nation is on the attack against its government? Read up Operation Mongoose. The misinformation now rampant is why wars start and prejudices thrive. Reasoned judgment requires studied effort. Americans and all other people must know their history to make valued judgments.

Yet Cuba has educated more Dominicans and British West Indians at university level than Britain did in 200 years. And the Revolution educated poor folk from the US too, and all over the globe. No other country can match that record of service to humanity in health and education. But Cuba is a developing country and cannot pay its doctors what US doctors are paid ...The same US which does not have universal health care and being afflicted with cancer causes so many to go bankrupt. I know. The grave dancers are of the same ilk as the ones who destroyed President Obama's sincere efforts to bring affordable health care to all.

How do the Cuban "freedom fighters" who are dancing on graves in Miami today treat the local blacks born in Miami ? The same way they treated their fellow Cuban blacks who were denied opportunity though they were the main force behind Cuban independence hero Jose Marti of the 19th Century. Too many - not all - are infected, regrettably, with the same germ of racial prejudice and vicious intolerance. Read up on Cuban hero General Antonio Maceo and how the racist elite in pre revolution Cuba Jim Crowed black Cubans before the Revolution. Cuba has much need for healing and improvement but it cannot come about by dancing on graves. Nor can it come about by those who sponsored the massacre of the award winning Cuban fencing team and other West Indians on their way to college in the worst instance of aviation terrorism when those supported by the same Miami Cuban elite bombed the Cubana flight off Barbados in 1976 killing all onboard. That event was the 911 of our era.

Read up on the terror bomber Posada Carilles and the cold hearted Batista henchmen who made Miami their home. Our brother Rosie Douglas was suppose to be on that Cubana flight. Rosie escaped the massacre because he missed his flight. That is the legacy of those "freedom fighters". Now I hope you understand why we shall never forget our history.…/5406960

Cuba is no paradise, but compare its many contributions in art, sport, science, education, health, solidarity in disaster relief and lay those contributions alongside those nations richer and bigger and you will understand the majesty of the Revolution. I am proud that President Obama took his courageous step in building a new relationship other than one of war, invasion, terrorism, and assassination attempts which obtained prior. The Cuban Revolution compelled change for the better in the world.

President Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King and Mandela were called worst and sacrificed for the truth as God gave them the wisdom to see it. Today we know that great power requires great responsibility, lest we unleash the dogs of war based on the most cruel ignorance of the facts. Let us be responsible and not allow racism, fascism and their self destructive half truths and lies to sink the great American Republic and its standing in the world.


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