Donald Trump’s Real Impact on America

Donald Trump has been making his mark in the field of 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls by being consistently at the head of the polls. His divisive rhetoric seems to have struck a chord among some voters leaving his opponents struggling to keep up. Trump’s statements about deporting illegal immigrants, going to war with Iran and seizing the oil from some of the middle eastern governments is apparently what some of my fellow Americans want to hear from the leader of the “free world.”

Although Trump seems to be popular I believe that he will NOT become the GOP presidential candidate and subsequently the president. My fellow Americans are much more prudent, they have proven so because of the most recent two election cycles where Barack Obama was elected President.

I believe that Trump is the “Domestique1” of the 2016 elections. He is part of the GOP strategy to go out in front of the race to test all the statements that mainstream republicans would like to say but for fear of reprisals, refrain from saying. This controversial, racist, and downright nasty commentary is being tested by Trump and the messages that attain the highest rise in the poll numbers across the political spectrum, will be crafted into commentary for the “real” GOP presidential candidate.

What we as Americans have to fear about Trump is the crass, crude, racist and jingoistic rhetoric that is becoming mainstream discourse, in this case being spoken by some touting themselves as the best candidate for the job of commander in chief, diplomat in chief, economist in chief for the country that claims to be "the shining beacon on the hill". This language is fast becoming the norm even from those we thought knew better, but who now say it is justified because even those at the pinnacle of our society are doing it.  Some of us seem to be embracing as a country the stance of “do as I say, not what I do” and it is ok to be a bully because we are rich and powerful.

We have all but lost the battle of moral superiority when we so easily embrace this lowering of standards. That no one of the republican candidate pool has simply called for a wholesale refutation of this rhetoric is saddening, and if not a little frightening. If our "enemies" use the same words, where will we stand.

Americans value free speech, but reckless free speech has a cost and that cost is a loss of civility, harmony, peace and the degradation of our humanity.

1 The Domestique is a road bicycle racer who works for the benefit of his team and leader. Where the domestique finishes a race is less important than the help he gives. Domestiques do not share the fame of leaders. Domestiques bring water and food from team cars and shield teammates from opponents. They help teammates with mechanical disasters, should the leader puncture a tire, the domestique will cycle in front to create a slipstream allowing him to reclaim their position. A domestique may also sacrifice his bicycle or wheel. Domestiques sometimes get a chance to win stages in stage racing. Typically this would be late in a stage race. Domestiques whose standings do not threaten the leaders will often not be chased if they break away. Domestiques can progress to more senior roles if they show ability.

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